[Info] CATRICE Sortiments-Umstellung 09/2011‏

Guten Abend Ihr Lieben,
bei CATRICE gibt es im September eine Sortiments-Umstellung. Einige Produkte müssen leider gehen, dafür kommen neue Produkte ins Sortiment.

Diese Produkte werden je nach Geschäft schon im August das Sortiment verlassen:

CATRICE Eyebrow Designer (020 Natural Brown - 030 Natural Light Brown)
CATRICE Eye Liner Pen (030 Black)
CATRICE Kajal Designer (010 Diamond Black,070 Cool Grey,080 Midnight Blue,100 Tropical Green,110 Deep Forest Green,140 Rock The Red Carpet,150 Up&Brown&Up&Brown… ,160 Get Your Golden Eyes!)
CATRICE Absolute Eye Colour Mono Eyeshadow (010 Sunny, We Love You,020 We Support Green Peas,150 Metallica,160 I Trust Star Dust,170 Don't Drink And Dive,180 Ocean's 14,200 It's A Boy!,210 The Queen is Amused,220 The Violent Violet,230 Where Is My Caddy-Li-Lac,240 It's A Girl!,260 I Am A Coal-Girl,290 I Like Lilac,310 Lobster-Lobby.com)
CATRICE Sensitive Eyes Mascara
CATRICE Absolute Eye Colour Duo Eyeshadow (020 Missing: Jack & Rose,040 Underneath The Purple Rain,050 I Wanna Be A Rojal)

CATRICE Ultimate Colour Lip Colour (070 Light The Fire,180 Breakfast At Tiffany's)
CATRICE Lip Appeal – Moisture & Shine Lip Gloss (070 Berry, Berry Nice,090 Back From Vacation)
CATRICE Colour Show – Colour & Stay Lip Gloss (050 Purple Reign,070 Light My Fire)
CATRICE Ultimate Shine Lip Colour (120 Let's Dance Salsa,140 Stop Light)
CATRICE Lip Designer (010-060 alle Farben)

CATRICE Perfect Adapt Concealer (010-030 alle Farben)
CATRICE Cover Stick (030 Golden Beige)
CATRICE Perfect Resist Make up (040 Perfect Caramel)

CATRICE Ultimate Nail Lacquer (020 MAN, GO Tango,160 Sweets For My Sweets,170 I Scream Peach!,210 Just Married,240 Sold Out For Ever,250 I Sea You!,280 London's Weather Forecast,300 Be My Millionaire,350 Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans!,370 Just Berried!,390 Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!,510 Bye, Bye Birdy!,520 Apropos Apricot,530 Up In The Air)
CATRICE Ultimate Nudes (010 Dance Like A Prima Ballerina)

Ich finde, es gehen viele lilane Töne bei den Eyeshadows aus dem Sortiment.
Werdet Ihr was von den Produkten vermissen?

Freue mich über eure Meinungen!!